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CVER engineer passed  Vibration Analyst Level III Certification Exam 
Published on 10/14/2013
Category III Vibration Analysts are qualified to establish, direct, and\or perform programs for condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines including spectral, waveform, and orbit analysis. Category III certified Vibration Analysts shall be qualified to perform minor corrective actions involving operating deflection shapes, single-plane balancing, and diagnostic testing. 
CVER developed a flow chart of determining MDMT for carbon steel 
Published on 10/15/2013
Following ASME code section VIII Div. 1, CVER developed a flow chart to determine the MDMT of carbon steel materials. The flow chart mainly based on UCS-66...
Why we do hydrotesting on pressure vessel 
Published on 10/16/2013
Per ASME code section VIII Div. 1, the code suggests hydrotesting for pressure vessels. The test pressure is 1.3 x Design Pressure(or MAWP)x allowable stress ratio. So what is the purpose? The main goal of the testing is to check and verify the performance of the pressure vessel. Through the testing, people can detect leak location, for example, at the flange joints.