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Mechanical design

Mechanical design at CVER covers a broad range of services and equipment. The applications include pressure vessels, tanks, piping, heat exchanger, and etc. Our engineers have extensive experience in designing :
Pressure Vessel
Using the latest tools including FEA software (ANSYS, ABAQUS) and pressure vessel design software (PV Elite, Compress), our engineers can design the most challenging pressure vessels.
We can provide excellence in piping stress analysis using FEPIPE, CAESAR II or AUTOPIPE. Our engineers are experienced in evaluating our client's piping and support design with compliance to ASME codes.
CVER has capability of design a large range of tanks according to API codes. The tools used at CVER is Integraph TANK. Our storage tank engineers can provide quick and accurate design of new tanks and evaluate existing tanks to meet API 650 or API 653 codes.
3D Modeling and Drafting
CVER provides services of solid modeling and drafting packages for our clients. We can do complete drawings including fabrication drawings, general assembly drawings, and part drawings. 
Heat Exchanger
We provide mechanical design services of heat echangers including shell and tube heat echangers, plate heat exchangers and etc. We conduct optimization design and pressure rerating on heat exchangers. We also have experience on evaluating maximum allowable nozzle loads.
Flange Design
Using ASME Appendix 2 methods and by Finite Element Analysis (FEA), CVER provides flange sizing and design. External loads acting on the flange can be considered in the design. Our flange design includes circular and non-circular shape.