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Chris Victor Engineering and Research (CVER) is a registered firm and is certified under Texas Board of Professional Engineers. CVER specializes in providing advanced analysis, design and research. CVER operates at the forefront of engineering analysis and design, and excel in solving the most challenging engineering problems. We are available at 7/24 and we are always try our best to achieve the best solutions for our custom. At CVER we maintain three characteristics:Variety(V), Integrity(I), and Professional(P).  The V.I.P. characteristics make CVER stand out from our competitors. 
Registered Professional Engineer(PE) 
Certified Vibration Analyst
Category/Level III
Member Of American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME)
Member Of National Society of Professional Engineers
Variety (V.): Our engineers  comes from various backgrounds: mechanical, process, metallurgical, operational, and maintenance, and etc. The variety of backgrounds make our engineers apply their varied knowledge to solve a problem with considering all aspects of the situation. 
Integrity (I.): Our goal of business is to develop long relationship with our clients. That is why I treat our clients with integrity. We do not hide and pretend we know what we do not know. We frankly admit our limits of knowledge but try our best to work closely with our clients and find out the best solution to their most challenging problems. We work, learn, and grow with our clients.
Professional (P.):  Our engineers have worked in their area for many years. For example, some of them have more than 25 years of experience of Finite Element Analysis. The knowledge and experience basis ensure that we can pinpoint our client's problem quickly and fix it professionally. Each and every final report will certified by a registered professional Engineer. And each and every problem will be discussed by a team and solve by a team. We believe that three heads are better than one.
With the V.I.P. characteristics, CVER are able to face the most challenging problems and provide the best solutions.