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Chris Victor Engineering and Research (CVER) specializes in providing advanced analysis, design and research. CVER operates at the forefront of engineering analysis and design, and excel in solving the most challenging engineering problems. We are available at 7/24 and we are always try our best to achieve the best solutions for our custom. CVER is able to offer services in the following areas:
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Mechanical Design
Mechanical design at CVER covers a broad range of services and equipment. The applications include pressure vessels, tanks, piping, rotational machine, and etc...
Field Service
CVER have extensive experience in data collection and analysis, and troubleshooting equipment problems. We are specialized in vibration testing...
Engineering Analysis
We have been successful on analysis of difficult engineering problems and on working closely with our clients to determine the best solution for their applications...
We have been doing a lot of research work and try to come up with novel design on heat exchanger, mechanical seal, flange, and etc. We already made achievements... 
To execute our design and analysis efficiently and professionally, our staff utilize the latest and best available commercial tools. At CVER, we also develop our proprietary calculation tools:

ANSYS                     ABAQUS                 FLUENT               STAR CCM+               CAESAR II              PV ELITE                  COMPRESS       
MATHCAD               MATLAB                  NOZZLEPRO       CODECALC                SOLIDWORKS       INVENTOR                AUTOCAD 

At CVER, we are available 7/24. We understand the urgency of our client's problems. We always try our best to quickly diagnose the problem and come up with the most effective solution to the equipment failures or design analysis and or optimization. Why CVER?

                          A leader in engineering service

                          Quick and professional Response

                          High quality/cost ratio

                          Experienced staff